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Semper Fidelis — You Cannot Teach What you Have Not Learned

usmcflagraise1The Presidency of Barack Obama, can probably be summed up in one word, TEACHER because he seems to be running all over the country acting like our national Professor.  But like many teachers, it is difficult to teach something you have not learned yourself.  As we look at teachers across the country from our Public School System to those Professors in higher education, many of them teach falsehoods or skewed histories and theories simply because they have never learned first hand for themselves the lessons they teach .  It’s hard to understand an economics professor espousing theories when he has never been a CEO or run a small business putting those economic theories to practice.  It is difficult to understand a historian who lets his or her ideologies bias his opinion about events and times in which he or she did not live.  And it is hubris by the President to attempt to lecture the Marines at Camp Lejeune on the meaning of Semper Fidelis, when he has never put on a uniform, never fought a battle on the ground and never commanded fellow soldiers.  How does one follow a leader into battle when that leader has never bore the burden of battle himself?

Toward the end of his speech today at Camp Lejeune, President Obama stated “Semper Fidelis” and then held up his finger to silence the Marines as they responded to these solemn words so that he could define the term for them.  Like any U.S. Marine on the planet needs to have the term defined for him or her.  Folks, they have lived Semper Fidelis every day of their military serving lives, and they don’t need some faux Commander in Chief trying to explain to them what the term means.

Mr. President do yourself a favor and don’t attempt to lecture our brave men and women on something you have no concept of or belief in yourself.  During your time in the State Senate, U.S. Senate and while on the campaign trail, you have repeatedly abused our military with your words and your actions.  Don’t think today you can somehow take credit for removing troops from Iraq, nor tell our Marines what Semper Fidelis means.  You simply have no credibility in this area sir, and you would do best to keep your professorial opinions to yourself.

To all of our armed service men and women, our veterans and to our Marines at Camp Lejeune, I want to say thank you for all you have risked in protecting mine and every Americans’ freedoms.  Your country loves you.  We will not lecture you; we will simply sit humbly in your presence with a deep and never ending appreciation for what you have provided us.  Thank you.

Update 3/6/2009:

I think our military may not think much of our President either.  View this YouTube video of the tepid reaction to him by our military compared to their boisterous welcome to President Bush.

Written by KJ Kaufman

February 27, 2009 at 11:02 am

Trying to Make Sense of Federal Budgets & Spending


As it has been reported on many news sites today, the Democratic led House of Representatives passed a $410 billion “Omnibus” spending bill by a voting margin of 245 to 178.  What is an “Omnibus” bill?  Defined as follows:

An OMNIBUS BILL packages together several measures into one or combines diverse subjects into a single bill. Examples are reconciliation bills, combined appropriations bills, and private relief and claims bills.

According to Bloomberg.com:


The measure would complete budget work Democrats postponed last year when they were unable to agree with then-President George W. Bush on spending. Bush wanted to freeze most domestic spending. Democrats balked, figuring they could get a better deal from Bush’s successor.

So this $410 billion “Omnibus” Spending Bill is a wrap up of the 2009 Federal Government’s Budget, a budget passed under the Bush Administration and approved by Congress in 2008.  Yet under these difficult economic circumstances instead of trimming the Buget that passed during the last fiscal year before the economy worsened, instead of tightening up their budget and looking to spend less (like all Americans are doing right now), Congress decided they needed to spend even more money than the stimulus package of $780 billion signed by President Obama last week provided.  According to a CNN report:

 Democrats defended the size of the bill, saying it was necessary to help counter the economic downturn.

So the budget they passed in 2008 for fiscal year Sept. 2008 through Sept. 2009 was not big enough to counter the economic downturn.  The stimulus package signed last week in the amount of $780 billion did not account for this need, so another $410 billion is required this week.  I can’t imagine that if any U.S. business or any U.S. household ran their budgets this way they would be surviving (that is without a government bailout).  Government bails itself out once again at the taxpayers’ expense. 

Why is it such a foreign concept for our Federal Government to “tighten their belts” during tough economic times.  I simply want to scream from the rooftops, STOP SPENDING ALREADY!  The rest of us have, why can’t you?  You don’t have the money. We are sick of giving you money for you to spend irresponsibly.  Enough is enough already!

Stop Financially Raping this Country!

Update 3/9/2009

This is not Geroge Bush’s Pork Bill!  First, civics 101 states that spending bills are not written by the president.  All spending bills originate in the House of Representatives.  This Omnibus Bill may have been written last year, but is was written by the House of Representatives which by the way had a Democratic majority last year under the Bush Administration.  It has been noted that 40% of the earmarks (pork) in the current Omnibus Bill being debated in the Senate came from and comes from Republicans while 60% of the earmarks are from Democrats.

Update 3/10/2009

Senate passes Omnibus Bill.  Federal government fiscal budget through August 2009 now exceeds last year’s fiscal budget by 10%.  That’s a 10% increase over last year’s budget while all Americans are attempting to reduce their spending budgets amidst the financial crisis/recession in this country.  Have you had enough yet with these Nation financial rapists? 

It’s Up to the American People Now

addresstocongressAfter President Obama’s “Address to Congress” this evening, it really is up to the American people now.  Will we be a Nation that approves of bigger government, more entitlements and a socialistic government, or will the values of smaller government, reigning in entitlements, and preserving capitalism prevail with the American people?  At this point only time will tell.

Based on the speech tonight, Governor Jindal’s response and the Senators and Representatives from both sides of the aisle speaking on the cable news channels post speech coverage, the differences between the two parties couldn’t be more evident and the divide between a conservative and a liberal more great.

In evaluating how the American people will respond, I think we can look at four key phrases from President Obama’s “Address to Congress”.  The following are not exact quotes but paraphrases that preserve the original intent:

We will recover [from this economic crisis] and the United States of America will emerge stronger than before.

Now is the time to act boldly and wisely.

…even as we make hard choices to bring our deficits down.

We will roll back the Bush tax cuts, but if you are making less than $250 thousand per year, you will not see your tax rates rise.

For us conservatives, it seems inconceivable that a President could sign an $800 bilion stimulus package last week and have another over $400 billion omnibus bill sitting in Congress and believe that he is practicing fiscal responsibility.  It is just an outright lie, that if you roll back the tax cuts, those making less than $250 thousand per year will not see a tax increase.  We realize that leadership takes bold action, but there doesn’t seem to be anything wise about the liberal spending spree that is underway and planned by President Obama that will continue long into the future.  There doesn’t seem to be anything wise about the outright disingenuous rhetoric by President Obama and his Democratic Congress.  When President Obama says we will recover from this economic crisis better and stronger, it seems that can’t possibly be true with this amount of debt left as the burden for our children.  For us conservatives, we have never believed that government is the answer to our problems but rather the source.  Unfortunately this President and this Democratically led Congress believes in just that.  Now it is time to find out what the American people believe.

The President can continue to rewrite history in speeches as to the causes of the current economic recession, but many Americans actually follow the facts of the issues and know the truth.  Sure there are many Americans that will only listen to the sound bites and believe whatever the President and the Main Stream Media tell them no matter how disingenuous the remarks, but in the end you can’t cover the reality of the individual American’s life.  Will he or she be better off  four years from now than he or she was just a few months ago.  At the rate this Administration and Congress are spending money and in the manner in which they are headed, most Americans will not. 

The ultimate price of politics will be paid when the American people decide which government they prefer:  a bigger government filled with entitlements and acting socialistically, or a smaller government, reigning in entitlements and preserving capitalism.  It’s up to you America, I’m anxious to see what you decide.

If you need a little more coxing on the importance of this issue America, take a look at this recent video of Glenn Beck.

Written by KJ Kaufman

February 24, 2009 at 10:40 pm

Barney Frank — Banking Queen Lyrics

barney-frankThose listening to Rush Limbaugh regularly are familiar with Paul Shanklin’s parody to Abba’s Dancing Queen entitled Banking Queen.  As you are well aware, Shanklin wrote the lyrics in accordance with Barney Frank’s (Chairman of the House Banking Committee) position on housing  to entertainingly reveal his lax oversight which contributed to the financial crisis in the collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  Sung in a Barney Frank lisp , it has always been difficult for me to understand the words.  I went searching the Internet to find the written lyrics, but came up short.  I finally sat down, listened intently, replayed the song over and over and think that I have come up with the accurate lyrics to the parody.  Let me know if you hear anything different, but here they are:

Sung to Dancing Queen by ABBA

Banking Queen




You can build.

You can buy.

Any house your heart desires.

Oo zero down.


 I am the banking queen.


Friday night and your cash is low.

I know a place that you can go.

Oh, get your house and use it.

 Go ahead abuse it.

 You can do anything.


Go out and have a fling.

 I am the banking queen.

Old and sweet didn’t do a thing.

 Banking queen.

 Don’t complain or you’ll hear me scream oh yeah.


You can build.

You can buy.

Any house your heart desires.

Oo zero down.


 I am the banking queen.


Told the bankers hey you guys.

Make the loans or it’s your behind.

My friends at Fannie sure need it.

Do it my way or beat it

Why are the stocks crashing?


That doesn’t mean a thing.

I’m still the banking queen.

Never spanked for a single thing. 

Banking queen.

Don’t complain or you’ll hear me scream oh yeah.


You can build.

You can buy.

Any house your heart desires.

Oo, zero down


I am the banking queen.


 I am the banking queen.



Please feel free to comment with any corrections to the lyrics.  Also if you would like to listen to the song, you can find it here on YouTube.

Written by KJ Kaufman

February 24, 2009 at 6:04 pm

Spring Training is Here!


Peoria Sports Complex

For those of you who are baseball fans, it’s time to take a break from politics and celebrate my favorite time of year — Baseball Spring Training.  With the Baseball strike in the ’90s and the steroids scandal of the 2000’s baseball has lost much of its luster, much like our politics today has.  Baseball, however, remains my favorite sport.  Baseball like politics cannot be viewed in sound bites or quick action.  Baseball is a game of not only skill, but thought, a lot of thought when it is played and managed correctly.  Baseball will always have a profound appeal to me for that reason.  And politics remains appealing to me for the same reason.  We’ll see which baseball teams excel this year, those teams that think through and exercise the proper strategies at the proper moments in the game and the season.  If only our politicians could produce a winning team this year, but alas things on the political front aren’t nearly as hopeful.

So Relax Everyone for America’s Pasttime is Back and Begins Today!

Written by KJ Kaufman

February 24, 2009 at 12:08 am

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Is Governor Bobby Jindal A Natural Born Citizen?

bobbyjindalBobby Jindal, the current governor of Louisianna, has been pushed in many conservative circles as the great hope for the future of the Republican party.  I think Bobby Jindal is a wonderful representative of conservatism and a great ambassador for our conservative cause, but under the heading you can’t have it both ways, is Bobby Jindal eligible to run for President of the United States?

For those who believe that President Obama is not eligible to be President of the United States (and is currently usurping the office) based on the one fact that he was born to a Father who was a British Subject under the British Nationality Act of 1948; therefore, also making him a British Subject and a dual citizen at birth, then those same people will also believe that Bobby Jindal is not a Natural Born Citizen due to his Indian parentage.

Courtesy of notablebiographies.com:

Jindal was born in 1971 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to parents who had just moved there from India to attend graduate school.

It can probably be assumed that his parent were in the United States on student visas and were not at the time U.S. Citizens.  If you believe both parents must be U.S. Citizens at the time of the child’s birth for the child to be a Natural Born Citizen, then Bobby Jindal has a problem.  Under this definition, he would not be a Natural Born Citizen, and therefore, under Article II, Section I of the United States Constitution, he would not be eligible to be President of the United States.  This is why it is imperative that the United States Supreme Court finally make a decision and define for the purposes of Article II, Section I of the U.S. Constitution clarification of the clause as to what it definitively means to be a Natural Born Citizen.

Update February 25, 2009

Amar and Raj Jindal are the Punjabi-born parents of Governor Bobby Jindal.  Raj Jindal’s maiden name was Raj Gupta.  According to nola.com:

In fact, it was Gupta’s career move that brought the newly married couple to Louisiana.

Gupta was accepted as a graduate assistant at Louisiana State University when she was pregnant with Bobby. Her husband, who at the time was an assistant professor at a Chandigarh engineering college, was concerned about her moving overseas in her condition. LSU offered her one month of maternity leave if she joined the program, a deal the Jindals agreed was too good to turn down.

They moved in January 1971. Bobby was born soon after, in Baton Rouge.

Therefore, it seems reasonable to assume that at the time of Bobby Jindal’s birth, his parents were not U.S. citizens.  In fact they could not have been U.S. Citizens at the time because citizenship in the United States almost always requires  5 years of residency in the United States before qualifying.  It is clear that the Jindal’s were only here for a few months before Bobby Jindal was born.  Therefore, if you think both parents must be US Citizens at the time of birth, Bobby Jindal is not a Natural Born Citizen and does not qualify under Article II, Section I of the U.S. Constitution to be President of the United States.

How to Turn a Conservative Into a Liberal — The Story of Pepe



I moved to Arizona and bought my house 3 years ago.  This is the first house I have owned.  During my college years and early adulthood, I had a Golden Retriever that I moved from apartment to apartment.  Her name was Meagan.  She was named Meagan in a salute to Ronald Reagan (I used to affectionately call her Meagan Reagan).  She was a wonderful, loveable dog, and I cherish the 13 years we spent together.  One day I woke up and found that Meagan could no longer stand.  I had to euthanize her that day.   That was a decade ago, and to this day it still brings tears to my eyes to think of it.

Afterward, I decided I would not get another dog until I lived in a house where the dog could have a proper backyard to run around and play instead of being cooped up in a small apartment.  In January of 2006, the glorious day came where I became a proud home owner.  I then began my search for a dog.  My new backyard was small, so I decided to stick with a smaller breed of dog and was interested in the Chihuahua line.  Maybe because I still loved the movie Legally Blond, I was stuck in this Chihuahua mode.

In March of that same year, my nephew called me to tell me a friend of his girlfriend had found a dog wandering the streets with no identification that was part Chihuahua.  The friend of my nephew’s girlfriend had already placed an add in the paper to find the owner, but had no luck.  The dog had no identification and so the owner could not be found.  My nephew took me over to meet the dog, and I brought the dog home that night. 

Well, he wasn’t exactly a Chihuahua.  He was small, but not as small as a Chihuahua, and strangely spotted.  He certainly had the temperament of a Chihuahua because he was a nervous dog.  I brought him to the Veterinarian, got him all of his shots, and had him neutered all in an attempt at being a responsible pet owner.  I named him Pepe to pay homage to his Chihuahua roots.  I was told by the Veterinarian that Pepe was part Chihuahua, part Terrier, and part Australian Cattle Dog (hence the interesting spotted markings).  This ends up being a strange breed indeed in that the Chihuahua part is an anxiety ridden pooch while the Australian Cattle Dog portion is very much task oriented and very adept at herding.

When Pepe was found, he was what I would describe as a “rugged individualist,” a true conservative.  As I mentioned, he was found on the streets.  At the time, he was hanging out at a depot for Unified School District buses.  He was feeding himself by digging in the trash and finding food wherever he could find it.  When he first came to live with me he ran away three times.  Two of three times he was far enough away from my house that I had to search for him in my car and finally found him on two occasions over a mile from my home.  He still had that independent streak, and although I was providing for his every need, he still had the desire to fend for himself.

As you can well imagine, when all of your needs are met everyday by another, you finally become dependent on what is given you and you stop trying to fend for yourself.  You lose that desire for rugged individualism, you give up and simply just take what is given to you (in other words, you become a far left leaning liberal).

In the past year, there have been two occasions where I accidentally left my side gate open for more than 24 hours.  In the past, Pepe would have seized upon this opportunity to run away.  During these times in the past year, he’s gone nowhere, scratching at the back slider to be let back in to the comforts of the home.  He spends his entire day lying on the couch sleeping the day away.  He eats, he runs around a bit in the backyard (but not as much as he used to enjoy) and he sleeps on the couch.  Day after day, week after week, month after month.  What happened to my Pepe?

Simple, he became a blood sucking liberal feeding off of his host.  It’s my fault; I made him this way.  I’ve given him everything, and he no longer desires to obtain these things for himself.  His rugged individualism is gone, his desire for entitlement has piqued, and he will probably never be the same dog again that I brought home that day over 3 years ago.  That my friends is how you turn a conservative into a liberal.

Is Pepe better off now than he was three years ago?  Perhaps, but from a purely superficial human point of view.  He’s lost his instinctual desires, he’s lost his “doggy” sense of self.  He is simply now a pawn in the game of me.  He didn’t have a choice.  I don’t know what he, from a dog’s point of view, would have chosen.  I dictatorially decided for him.

Because Pepe is a dog, he didn’t know any better.  He didn’t posses the acumen to thwart my attempts to liberalize him.  He couldn’t reason that being a rugged individualist would be better than being a liberal dependent on another sucking the entitlements the host offered. 

But we my friends as humans have the ability to rationalize what is happening to us and our country.  We know America will be filled with Pepe’s if we don’t take an active stand to stop what is happening.  We must revive rugged individualism especially in these hard economic times; otherwise, we will end up like Pepe — living in a nanny state, totally dependent on our government for our every need and desire.  We’ve seen how that has worked out historically, and now you have seen how that has worked out for Pepe.

Written by KJ Kaufman

February 21, 2009 at 8:06 pm