He's Not My President?

Thoreau: "Government is Best Which Governs Least"


Henry David Thoreau
Henry David Thoreau

This blog was originally designed to focus on exposing the rhetoric of President Barack Obama, but since its inception, I have become increasingly concerned regarding soft tyranny through a Statist philosophy of Government.  I will still focus heavily on President Obama’s ideologies and rhetoric which often disengiously steers us away from his true intentions, but I will also be very focused on government as a whole and how for quite some time and more egregiously lately is no longer following the Constitutional Republic model of government set forth in the United States Constitution and is leading us toward tyranny through a Statist philosophy.

Just so you know where I am coming from.  I am one that believes that “government is best which governs least” — Henry David Thoreau.  I believe it is always important for a reader to know an author’s bias as he or she expresses his or her views.  Obviously America is very far away from Thoreau’s thoughts on government.  I look forward to a day when government is less involved in our lives.  That day may not come in my lifetime, but I can always hope for change (pun intended).

Finally, I guess I set myself up for this by naming the blog he’s not my president, but I never intended for that title to be taken literally.  It is simply meant to imply that philosophically and based on ideology President Obama is not my President.  For all intents and purposes, since President Reagan, I could have used this same title for all Presidents that followed him as neither Bush’s nor Clinton philosophically and ideologically represented my views.  Enough said.

Written by KJ Kaufman

October 30, 2008 at 8:30 pm

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