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Is Governor Bobby Jindal A Natural Born Citizen?

bobbyjindalBobby Jindal, the current governor of Louisianna, has been pushed in many conservative circles as the great hope for the future of the Republican party.  I think Bobby Jindal is a wonderful representative of conservatism and a great ambassador for our conservative cause, but under the heading you can’t have it both ways, is Bobby Jindal eligible to run for President of the United States?

For those who believe that President Obama is not eligible to be President of the United States (and is currently usurping the office) based on the one fact that he was born to a Father who was a British Subject under the British Nationality Act of 1948; therefore, also making him a British Subject and a dual citizen at birth, then those same people will also believe that Bobby Jindal is not a Natural Born Citizen due to his Indian parentage.

Courtesy of notablebiographies.com:

Jindal was born in 1971 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to parents who had just moved there from India to attend graduate school.

It can probably be assumed that his parent were in the United States on student visas and were not at the time U.S. Citizens.  If you believe both parents must be U.S. Citizens at the time of the child’s birth for the child to be a Natural Born Citizen, then Bobby Jindal has a problem.  Under this definition, he would not be a Natural Born Citizen, and therefore, under Article II, Section I of the United States Constitution, he would not be eligible to be President of the United States.  This is why it is imperative that the United States Supreme Court finally make a decision and define for the purposes of Article II, Section I of the U.S. Constitution clarification of the clause as to what it definitively means to be a Natural Born Citizen.

Update February 25, 2009

Amar and Raj Jindal are the Punjabi-born parents of Governor Bobby Jindal.  Raj Jindal’s maiden name was Raj Gupta.  According to nola.com:

In fact, it was Gupta’s career move that brought the newly married couple to Louisiana.

Gupta was accepted as a graduate assistant at Louisiana State University when she was pregnant with Bobby. Her husband, who at the time was an assistant professor at a Chandigarh engineering college, was concerned about her moving overseas in her condition. LSU offered her one month of maternity leave if she joined the program, a deal the Jindals agreed was too good to turn down.

They moved in January 1971. Bobby was born soon after, in Baton Rouge.

Therefore, it seems reasonable to assume that at the time of Bobby Jindal’s birth, his parents were not U.S. citizens.  In fact they could not have been U.S. Citizens at the time because citizenship in the United States almost always requires  5 years of residency in the United States before qualifying.  It is clear that the Jindal’s were only here for a few months before Bobby Jindal was born.  Therefore, if you think both parents must be US Citizens at the time of birth, Bobby Jindal is not a Natural Born Citizen and does not qualify under Article II, Section I of the U.S. Constitution to be President of the United States.