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Semper Fidelis — You Cannot Teach What you Have Not Learned

usmcflagraise1The Presidency of Barack Obama, can probably be summed up in one word, TEACHER because he seems to be running all over the country acting like our national Professor.  But like many teachers, it is difficult to teach something you have not learned yourself.  As we look at teachers across the country from our Public School System to those Professors in higher education, many of them teach falsehoods or skewed histories and theories simply because they have never learned first hand for themselves the lessons they teach .  It’s hard to understand an economics professor espousing theories when he has never been a CEO or run a small business putting those economic theories to practice.  It is difficult to understand a historian who lets his or her ideologies bias his opinion about events and times in which he or she did not live.  And it is hubris by the President to attempt to lecture the Marines at Camp Lejeune on the meaning of Semper Fidelis, when he has never put on a uniform, never fought a battle on the ground and never commanded fellow soldiers.  How does one follow a leader into battle when that leader has never bore the burden of battle himself?

Toward the end of his speech today at Camp Lejeune, President Obama stated “Semper Fidelis” and then held up his finger to silence the Marines as they responded to these solemn words so that he could define the term for them.  Like any U.S. Marine on the planet needs to have the term defined for him or her.  Folks, they have lived Semper Fidelis every day of their military serving lives, and they don’t need some faux Commander in Chief trying to explain to them what the term means.

Mr. President do yourself a favor and don’t attempt to lecture our brave men and women on something you have no concept of or belief in yourself.  During your time in the State Senate, U.S. Senate and while on the campaign trail, you have repeatedly abused our military with your words and your actions.  Don’t think today you can somehow take credit for removing troops from Iraq, nor tell our Marines what Semper Fidelis means.  You simply have no credibility in this area sir, and you would do best to keep your professorial opinions to yourself.

To all of our armed service men and women, our veterans and to our Marines at Camp Lejeune, I want to say thank you for all you have risked in protecting mine and every Americans’ freedoms.  Your country loves you.  We will not lecture you; we will simply sit humbly in your presence with a deep and never ending appreciation for what you have provided us.  Thank you.

Update 3/6/2009:

I think our military may not think much of our President either.  View this YouTube video of the tepid reaction to him by our military compared to their boisterous welcome to President Bush.

Written by KJ Kaufman

February 27, 2009 at 11:02 am