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Trying to Make Sense of Federal Budgets & Spending


As it has been reported on many news sites today, the Democratic led House of Representatives passed a $410 billion “Omnibus” spending bill by a voting margin of 245 to 178.  What is an “Omnibus” bill?  Defined as follows:

An OMNIBUS BILL packages together several measures into one or combines diverse subjects into a single bill. Examples are reconciliation bills, combined appropriations bills, and private relief and claims bills.

According to Bloomberg.com:


The measure would complete budget work Democrats postponed last year when they were unable to agree with then-President George W. Bush on spending. Bush wanted to freeze most domestic spending. Democrats balked, figuring they could get a better deal from Bush’s successor.

So this $410 billion “Omnibus” Spending Bill is a wrap up of the 2009 Federal Government’s Budget, a budget passed under the Bush Administration and approved by Congress in 2008.  Yet under these difficult economic circumstances instead of trimming the Buget that passed during the last fiscal year before the economy worsened, instead of tightening up their budget and looking to spend less (like all Americans are doing right now), Congress decided they needed to spend even more money than the stimulus package of $780 billion signed by President Obama last week provided.  According to a CNN report:

 Democrats defended the size of the bill, saying it was necessary to help counter the economic downturn.

So the budget they passed in 2008 for fiscal year Sept. 2008 through Sept. 2009 was not big enough to counter the economic downturn.  The stimulus package signed last week in the amount of $780 billion did not account for this need, so another $410 billion is required this week.  I can’t imagine that if any U.S. business or any U.S. household ran their budgets this way they would be surviving (that is without a government bailout).  Government bails itself out once again at the taxpayers’ expense. 

Why is it such a foreign concept for our Federal Government to “tighten their belts” during tough economic times.  I simply want to scream from the rooftops, STOP SPENDING ALREADY!  The rest of us have, why can’t you?  You don’t have the money. We are sick of giving you money for you to spend irresponsibly.  Enough is enough already!

Stop Financially Raping this Country!

Update 3/9/2009

This is not Geroge Bush’s Pork Bill!  First, civics 101 states that spending bills are not written by the president.  All spending bills originate in the House of Representatives.  This Omnibus Bill may have been written last year, but is was written by the House of Representatives which by the way had a Democratic majority last year under the Bush Administration.  It has been noted that 40% of the earmarks (pork) in the current Omnibus Bill being debated in the Senate came from and comes from Republicans while 60% of the earmarks are from Democrats.

Update 3/10/2009

Senate passes Omnibus Bill.  Federal government fiscal budget through August 2009 now exceeds last year’s fiscal budget by 10%.  That’s a 10% increase over last year’s budget while all Americans are attempting to reduce their spending budgets amidst the financial crisis/recession in this country.  Have you had enough yet with these Nation financial rapists?