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The Hypocrisy of Hope


Dictionary.com defines hypocrisy, in part, as:

a pretense of having some desirably or publicly approved attitude.

I am afraid that is what many voters went to the polls on November 4th with hypocrisy in their hearts, i.e., that Barack Obamaheld the same desirable and publicly approved attitudes that they did.  So let me ask you a few simple yes or no questions to find out how in-line your beliefs and attitudes are with President Obama’s.

  1. Global warming (man-made or otherwise) is unequivocally true.
  2. Late-term abortions are fine and should be allowed without any restrictions.
  3. Federal Government spending is the only way to end the recession/economic crisis we are currently experiencing.
  4. It is OK to force wealthier Americans to pay more in taxes and impoverished Americans to pay no federal tax and receive “tax credits” even though they didn’t pay any federal taxes to begin with.  In other words, impoverished Americans can receive a check from the IRS even though they didn’t pay any federal taxes.
  5. Terrorists have the same legal rights and in particular habeas corpus rights as U.S. Citizens.
  6. Nationalized health care also known as socialized medicine must be implemented in America.
  7. Continuing policies that ensure America does not produce more of its own oil resources or expand its nuclear energy production.

If you answered YES to all 7 questions above and voted for Obama, then you did the right thing because you obviously are in “lock step” with our new President.  However, if you answered NO to several of the questions above, or a majority  the questions above, and you voted for Barack Obama, then you might just be a victim of the hypocrisy of hope.

Personally, I answered NO to all 7 questions above, and if  I had to venture a guess, I would imagine that a vast majority of Americans would answer NO to a minimum of 4 of the 7 above questions, so how in the heck did 62 million Americans vote for the hypocrisy of hope, Barack H. Obama? 

The answer is quite simple, when the media doesn’t vet a candidate, and you in turn do not do your own vetting of that same candidate, then you get the result that we got in this election.  Unfortunately, elections have consequences, so when hopey, dopey, change is preferred over serious analysis of the issues at hand the outcome may not be the intended result.

Over the next four years, those of you whom voted for the hypocrisy of hope will be living in your own disillusionment, and I’m afraid it won’t find you in a happy place.  For the rest of us who went into this with our blinders fully removed we’ll do our best utilizing all of our political means at our disposal to attempt to mitigate the hypocrisy of hope to the best of our abilities.  You might now hope that we are successful.

Written by KJ Kaufman

January 26, 2009 at 11:47 am