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Prologue to the Book on the “Natural Born Citizen” Issue

constitution_quill_penI have read numerous blog posts and articles on the U. S. Constitution’s Presidential natural born citizen requirement.   When speaking with my friends about the subject, it is interesting to discover the disparate views and the sometimes uninformed views on the subject.  I have come to the conclusion that the natural born citizen issue brings to light one of the fundamental issues before our country today, i.e., how does America view itself and how do Americans view ourselves in the globalist world view of the day?  Are we as Americans going to choose to participate in a world view of governance or are we going to cling to (not meant in a disparaging way, but utilized in its original form of hold closely, stick to) our United States Constitution? 

I find analogies in how one answers the world view question and how one views the natural born citizen issue once a person is fully cognizant of the requirement.  As a result, I realized there wasn’t a single source to find an intellectual discussion on the natural born citizen subject that tied the subject together in a book type format read from beginning to end.  In other words, I wanted to provide someone with an overview of the natural born citizen issue in book format allowing the reader to read the story from beginning to end and understand the significance of the issue.  I have now completed the book and posted it online here.  I continue to go back through each chapter fixing grammatical errors and tightening up my arguments.  My primary motivation in writing this book is to help educate other people.  I have decided to publish this completed book as a series of blog posts (the series of posts being the individual chapters of the book) here on my blog.

I have also been asked what credentials I hold to write such a book.  I happily admit that I am not a lawyer.  I am simply a fellow American concerned with the Constitution.  I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy with an emphasis in ethics and a minor in English from Chapman University located in Orange, California.  I have never been of the opinion that one must hold a certain degree or for that matter a degree from an institution of higher learning specializing in a specific subject to understand that subject.  I hold that anyone with an inquiring mind and some time on his or her hands can learn and understand the following:  our nation’s history, the U.S. Constitution, U.S. legislation and Supreme Court cases.  All one really needs is a desire to apply himself or herself to such endeavors.  Hopefully when you finish reading my book, you will agree.

I ask that you share this content with your friends, family and associates to help further educate them on the issue.  Since this work is my intellectual property (where I have borrowed from others’ intellect, I have clearly sourced their content), all that I ask is that you credit my blog as your source.   I encourage all of you who read each chapter to participate in the comments section of the Chapter’s blog post so that we can open a national discussion on the overall subject and the subject matter contained in each Chapter.  I look forward to your comments and analysis regardless of what political side of the spectrum you come from and regardless of your political party affiliation if any.  I only ask that all comments are respectful of all views on the subject and that commentators remain civil.  Any participation in profanity or other posts lacking the decorum such a serious subject requires will not be posted or will be removed.


KJ Kaufman
A Natural Born Citizen
(formerly known in the blogosphere as curi0us0nefromthe60s and AZConservative)


Written by KJ Kaufman

August 5, 2009 at 3:56 pm