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Dividing a Nation for Good

Sarah PalinIt is no secret that Sarah Palin is a polarizing figure, but a run for President by Sarah Palin could very well prove a healthy catharsis for this nation.  I’ll admit my bias.  I have absolutely loved Sarah Palin ever since she came on the scene.  Last August, I remember sitting here in a political malaise incompatible with the choices selected for us for our Presidential nominees and worried that one of the greatest leftists this country has ever known was about to become President.  Then along came Sarah Palin, a lightning bolt, a politician that the American people, not conservatives, not Republicans, but a politician that the American people could rally behind, finally a politician that is on our side.  Of course, Sarah Palin has stumbled along the way but that hasn’t made her any less popular amongst those of us across the country whom believe that our country is in jeopardy and needs a strong politician for the people to return this country to its promise.

If I had my druthers, Sarah Palin would run for President in 2016 or 2020 because I believe that with age comes wisdom, and I have this bias that I want my President’s to be a bit older, a little more life savvy that only age can bring.  But we do not have that luxury right now.  The founding principles of our very country are at stake, and as much as I would like to wait, as a country, we just cannot wait.  Should she decide to run, Sarah Palin is the absolutely perfect candidate to run for President in 2012.  We can already see it across the country in the Tea Parties and other protests.  The American people are absolutely fed up with the corruptocrats in Washington D.C.  Sarah Palin doesn’t represent them.  She represents us, the hard working folks living in this nation that just want a fair shake and representation.  We do not have it now, but we certainly expect to receive it.  And Sarah Palin just may be that great gift that the American people so desire and so justly deserve.  God Bless America.  And God Bless Sarah Palin.