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The Gravy Train Rolls On



Today, Barack Obama kicked off the Inauguration ceremonies by hopping a train (ala Lincoln) from Philadelphia, PA with stops in (Joe Bieden’s) Wilmington, DE, Baltimore, MD finally arriving at its destination in Washington, DC.  A historic journey no doubt, but one tempered by the economic woes of our country, and I couldn’t help but think while watching the coverage on TV, the gravy train rolls on.

Do you remember those commercials for Gravy Train dog food where you buy some normal dog food with a powdered substance on it, add warm water and voila, your dog has a tasty gravy dog food treat.  But then you ask yourself, does my dog really need gravy on his dog food, and more importantly is it even good for him to have gravy on his dog food?  And then I start thinking about the bailout package (TARP) where the second 350B was just released with approval from the Senate this week, and I think about the, at least, 850B stimulus package President-elect Obama has Congress drawing up, and I think do we really need this, and more importantly, is it even good for us?  Of course, as a fiscal conservative, I come up with the emphatic answer NO!

Then I find myself wondering has America really gotten to this point where it thinks it needs handouts and a government so hell bent on spending that it can’t see the forest for the trees, but then I think, well it’s a good thing we can see the trees because we’ll need to be chopping them down for the paper we will need to print for all of the money the government will need.  Or, I think the government can save the trees by borrowing the money from China, and then I guess we all just learn Mandarine.  What I’m trying to say here is the gravy train of government is certainly off the tracks and does not represent the government I remember the United States of America operating under.

I don’t think that Gravy Train dog food sells so well anymore, and I’m guessing government bailouts and stimuli packages bankrupting this country aren’t going to sell so well for very long either.  In fact, I remember a time before there was Gravy Train dog food, where our dogs ate normal dog food and where we humans took pride in personal responsibility, personal sacrifice, and actually making our own way which was the foundation on which our country was built.  I think it is now time to stop buying Gravy Train dog food, and bring the government big spending gravy train to an immediate stop before it leaves our nation’s capital and bankrupts us all.

Written by KJ Kaufman

January 17, 2009 at 3:01 pm