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Just Say No to Second Stimulus Package

uglypelosiWhen government starts making statements about things be very afraid.  Nancy Pelosi began to talk about a second Stimulus for the country.  Today, she is basically taking it off the table, but what that means is they are just quietly planning a second stimulus.  It is time to organize now.  We must ensure another huge stimulus package does not come out of this Congress.

The way the first stimulus package was drawn up (which was no stimulus package, but rather a payoff to Democratic interest groups and implementation of their long desired pet projects) much of the money is not spent until after 2010.  We are not going to see the first stimulus package be stimulative in any way.  They should have never passed the first stimulus package, and, hopefully, in 2011 we can have the Congress reverse as much of the first stimulus package as possible.

For now, we must keep our eye on the ball and prevent by all means necessary any talk and any attempt at a second stimulus package.  Start calling your Senators and Representatives now.  Explain to them under no circumstances must a second stimulus package come to a vote in Congress.  We cannot keep giving this inept federal government our hard earned tax dollars to spend on their pet projects and interest groups.

Just Say No to a Second Stimulus Package

Written by KJ Kaufman

March 12, 2009 at 9:14 am