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Orwellian Death of a Dream

In George Orwell’s book 1984, there was a division of government called “The Ministry of Truth.”  One of the purposes of this division of government was to rewrite past news articles so that they comported with the truth of the present.  For example, if in March of 1984, the government predicted that unemployment would be say 7.8% in the fall of that same year and the actual figure happened to be 9.8%, then there were government workers who would go back to the March forecast and change the figure from 7.8% to 9.9% or some figure thereabouts.  This allowed the government to show that it was always accurate in all of its measures. The main character in the book, Winston, worked for the government and was one of those Ministry of Truth writers charged with changing the facts of the past. Upon being captured by the Thought Police, for crimes against the government, Winston’s character was told to repeat “a party slogan dealing with the control of the past…” The slogan went like this: “[w]ho controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.” (p. 313).

Well it may have taken 25 years, but alas, we finally find ourselves living in Orwellian times. Of course The Ministry of Truth is not necessarily a branch of government but rather a combination of some in government and some in the 4th Estate otherwise known as the media. And the past is not always altered, although sometimes it is, but the modern day media no longer need source information when making statements of fact regarding the past which ultimately when spread as truth in the present ends up affecting the future.  Case in point, this week’s negligence in the media attributing statements to Rush Limbaugh that were never uttered eventually resulting in his loss to be a part of a group interested in purchasing the St. Louis Rams.

On several news networks, one of note on CNN by Mr. Rick Sanchez, statements were attributed to Mr. Limbaugh that he never uttered that characterized him as a racist. Now, I understand that the charge of racism holds less and less weight these days given it is thrown around as a pejorative against anyone who would dare disagree with liberal progressivism in this country, but for some of us, we still view racism as a serious charge and a charge that should never be made or implied lightly nor unfairly. Some of us to this day understand that racism is one of the most grave aspects of an uneducated and uninformed mind, and to be a racist means you will cause pain at many levels to another human being due to a perceived mindset regarding a large class of people. There can be no tolerance for racism in any society, but there also can be no tolerance for making a charge of racism against another without any merit. Such an act should be viewed by all of us as absolutely and utterly intolerable.

Unfortunately for Mr. Sanchez and CNN as well as other news networks and individuals in our society, the intolerable has become tolerable, and worse, promoted. The culmination of which has resulted in the group that Mr. Limbaugh was a member of, intent on buying the St. Louis Rams, has now revoked Mr. Limbaugh’s membership. All of this resulting in the Orwellian death of a dream of an American citizen. But this isn’t any man. This is a man that many of us consider a great American patriot, a man who has spoken truth to power for the past two decades against an ever increasing in size federal government and ever decreasing in viewership and integrity media. As a fellow American, I surely do not wish to live in these Orwellian times. I only hope that the media and the government will choose to abandon these times as well and return us to sanity where we can reside and live in the promise that this country was founded upon, individual liberty and freedom backed by truth and honesty in part supported by our First Amendment rights.  Shame on you Rick Sanchez and all the others.  And may God continue to Bless you Rush Limbaugh.

Written by KJ Kaufman

October 14, 2009 at 11:58 pm