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The Call to Thought


There is a revolution brewing in this country, but it is not a call to arms, it is a call to thought.  There will be no bloodshed, there will be no violence and there will be no secession.   There will simply be a return to the promise of this country and the beauty of its simplistic yet profound message: that all men are created equal and that all men have unalienable rights that include the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness ensured through adherence to a system of government known as a Constitutional Republic that is for and by the people.  Oh how those of you in the government have strayed, but how easy it will be for the American People to return to that promise and guarantee because we will heed the call to thought.

It began with the Tax Day Tea Parties and continues today at the Town Hall Meetings.  It is a call to all Americans of all walks of life, of all political persuasions regardless of party or ideology.  As Americans, we know a few basic truths:  the American system of government has allowed us to produce liberty over tyranny, has allowed us to freely debate our differences, has allowed us to produce a more just and more civil society and has allowed our citizenry to prosper.  Does the government which includes the Federal and State governments as well as the local Municipalities really believe that a free people are going to willingly give up their freedoms and rights to prosperity?  The masses will rise up in peaceful protest to such acts and will return this country to its founding principles because we will heed the call to thought.

While those in power continue to divide us along party lines and ideology, pit us against one another through class warfare and racial divides, there are truths that stir within us.  All honest Americans strive for the same promise that the people’s law, a system of government by and for the people, binds us all inextricably against the power mongers and soft tyrannists among you.  You can cheat on your wives.  You can get yourself a sweetheart deal from a mortgage lender.  You can sell your stocks for profit when you are made aware of a looming economic crisis.  You can pass legislation in the dead of night further indebting this nation.  You can force a green economy on an economy that is on life support and hide the taxation in the veil of energy regulation or how the American People like to refer to it as CAP and TAX.  You can force national health care on us when you know that there is no health care crisis in this nation other than the government’s self created health care liabilities through Medicare and Medicaid and the litigious trial lawyers.  But what you may have forgotten, or what you may hope that we forget, is that we know who you are.  You have not gone unnoticed, and you will not steal from us, nor pardon the expression financially rape this nation’s citizenry.  We are the American People and we will not allow you to destroy our liberties through tyranny.

The people of this country have common yet simple wants and desires.  We want to be able to pursue our lives independent of government interference.  We wish to help our neighbors through troubled times rather than depend on a government to do it for us.  We desire a better life for our children then we have had, or for some, to ensure our children enjoy the same prosperity we have enjoyed.  We will not be bullied into submission by a government that does not keep its promises to its citizenry.  We will not allow our government to indebt our children with the unnecessary expenditures that you have forced upon them.  We will not allow you to indebt this nation with unnecessary programs veiled in false crises.  We will work together to ensure the promise of our founding fathers.  We will insist that you actually represent us because we believe in the principles of, fundamental truths and laws of this nation even though you have forgotten them or worse purposefully subverted and corrupted them for your own personal gain.

It is you whom are gravely mistaken if you think the people of this nation do not stand together.  It is you whom seek to divide us while we seek to unite under our common rights and freedoms.  I will stand with my gay sister, he will stand with his black brother, she will stand with her Asian friend, and we will all stand together against you, the government.  You have lost your way, you have made promises you had no right to make, you have made promises you could not fulfill, you have made promises you never intended to keep, and we will hold you accountable.  Our founding fathers not only envisioned the three branches of the federal government providing the checks and balances against tyrannical rule, but they also envisioned the wings of the American Eagle keeping it in straightforward flight by never succumbing to extremism on either wing of the ideological political spectrum.  We understand this, and we have seen the flight of the eagle aloft in a drunken stupor flying erratically above us, but no more.  We will put aside our contentions; we will stop our fight against one another’s ideologies in order to rescue our nation from the edge of insanity manifested in soft tyranny for which you are responsible.

We are no longer Democrats, Republicans, or Libertarians.  We are simply the American people, the voting bloc of this great nation, and we have had enough.  We may not always agree on our politics, but most of us agree that you no longer represent us, and more importantly that you no longer represent the ideals, promises and guarantees in the founding of this country.  We will heed the call to thought, and you will find yourselves on the wrong side of history.  Your only historical reference will be that you began the great awakening of the masses whom have returned to critical thought and whom will ensure that we return our Constitutional Republic to its rightful owners, the American People.  Your legacy is tragic, but our awakening will be our great calling.  If you continue on the path you are following, you will discover that we have not forgotten your deeds, and we will provide you with a resounding answer in 2010.  Let all who agree join the American People in our call to thought returning us to our responsibilities which will return us to the promise of our nation and the lives, the liberties and the happiness we have the blessing and the right to enjoy.