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Rambling Man

Obama Health CareIf you watched President Obama’s press conference tonight (focusing on health care), then you may have noticed that rather than layout specifics for the American people or actually specifically answering the softball questions posed at him, he rambled on and on and on and on about generalities, nothing new that we didn’t already know and basically gave us no indication of what his health care plan truly is.  In other words, the President (the rambling man) wasted an hour of your precious time tonight.

I think Bill O’Reilly immediately following the press conference laid out what you had heard and seen quite well in his talking points memo.  If you missed President Rambler’s press conference, simply go to www.FoxNews.com and find Bill O’Reilly’s talking points memo from tonight and you’ll have all of the information you need from this yawner.

Once again, the Washington Press Corp is a huge disappointment offering no difficult questions for our President on this most important issue.  Quite frankly, I’m so tired of the press not doing its job.  I simply wonder in amazement how much longer they can even remain somewhat relevant.  I fear their time is about up, and they will be tuned out just like our rambling President.  Oh well, so much for the 4th Estate of our Government providing checks and balances on the Executive Branch.