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Does the All Star Game Also Have to Be Ruined

all star game 3It’s bad enough that we have several news channels that are now all Obama all of the time, but seriously does America’s favorite pastime also have to be ruined by Obama propaganda.  I love baseball, and the last thing I want to do is look at Obama’s face and listen to him in the announcers’ booth while I’m trying to enjoy the 2009 MLB All Star Game.  I realize it is tradition for Presidents to occasionally throw out the first pitch at baseball games, but at least I could have chosen to turn the  channel during that brief time while Obama bounces the ball to the plate ala Greta Van Susteren, but now I find out he’s also going to be in the booth.  I will be forced to mute the sound for the 1/2 inning or full inning of his appearance.  Is nothing left in America that is sacred where I don’t have to have the Obama propaganda machine shoved down my throat 24/7?  Just asking.