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Obama Can’t Get Pitch to Home Plate

obama bounces pitch

In the never ending world of Obama propaganda, FOX takes a camera angle of the pitch so that we do not get to see that President Obama’s first pitch ends up in front of home plate, comes in like a slow-pitch pitch one would find at their weekly softball game, and Albert Pujols has to squat in front of home plate just to catch it.  But of course, you don’t get to see this because we have to protect Obama at all costs and make him seem more athletic than he really is.  If they go to this much trouble at the MLB All Star game to hide Obama’s inadequacies, how much do you think the mainstream media is hiding from you about this President on a daily basis? 

By the way, the media can manipulate the images you see, but much like during the campaign, they can’t manipulate the words you hear.  When President Obama was introduced, you could clearly hear many boos amongst the cheers.  At least in Missouri, it would appear the many booing the President don’t find him quite as magical and popular as the mainstream media would like you to believe.  It’s all smoke and mirrors folks, and you Obama voters were had.