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Rating the First 100 Days — A “D” for Disaster

baseball-barackAll that I can say is thankfully we had baseball on tonight as an alternative to the third prime time telecast of President Obama — a press conference commemorating his first 100 days in office.  About the only thing that is certain after 100 days in office is that President Obama just loves being on TV.  During President Clinton’s first four years in office (outside of his annual State of the Union Address), Clinton only asked the major networks for prime time coverage twice in those four years.  In just his first 100 days, President Obama has already been on twice for press conferences in prime time and once for a State of the Union Address even though he didn’t call it that.

His administration as been full of scandalous appointments consisting of tax cheats and folks with radical agendas.  He took a European tour apologizing to our allies and enemies for our past transgressions.  President Obama signed an executive order to fund abortions abroad.  He had the Congress put together a nearly $800 billion stimulus package that does little if anything to stimulate the economy, and for all intents and purposes is a payoff to the special interest groups and lobbies that got him elected.  President Obama signed an omnibus spending bill with over 8000 earmarks when he promised on the campaign trail that he would end pork projects and earmarks.  He promised to have bills that he intended to sign posted on the whitehouse.gov website for 5 days so that the public could review them before signing, and yet not one bill coming out of Congress that he has signed has been posted on the whitehouse.gov website for public consumption.  His White House authorized the flight of Air Force One with two F16s at low altitudes over New York city for the sole purpose of a photo op and then President Obama acted like he knew nothing about the planned event and acted as if he was as outraged as New Yorkers for the fear it brought to her citizens.  He bowed to the Saudi King and then brazenly lied and told us the King is short and he simply had to bend over to shake his hand (watch the video; he clearly bowed).  He tells us he is not for big government and his administration is fiscally responsible, yet he has a $3.2 trillion budget proposal in Congress right now which will make our deficit $10 trillion over the next decade an unprecedented number and one four times the size of the deficit of any previous administration.  President Obama continues to have complete reliance on a teleprompter anytime he chooses to speak to the people.  He continually blames former President Bush for anything that is a problem even those problems President Obama creates.  He released classified documents detailing our enhanced interrogation techniques and claims this was all simply to restore our reputation.  On April 15th, when citizens of the United States formed a true grass roots movement protesting the massive spending in Washington and to show the elected officials how out of touch they are with the citizenry, President Obama acted as if he had no idea these protets were occuring.  His Administration downplayed and mocked the protestors, and even today President Obama joked about the Tea Party attendees.  In sum, most of his actions to me are wholly unamerican, a vast attempt to grow the Federal Government to unprecedented levels, show a complete and utter lack of leadership (which was expected from someone with absolutely no experience to hold the job of POTUS), and some of his policies, especially his foreign policy, are downright dangerous to the national security interests of our country.

So thankfully there was baseball tonight to watch because I certainly couldn’t stand listening to Barack Obama lie to the American people for another hour.  I would compare Obama’s first 100 days to the April start of the baseball team the Washington Nationals.  The Nationals are out of the gates with a record of 5 wins and 15 losses.  It’s hard to even call the Nationals a professional baseball team, and it looks like they take after the inexperienced, empty suit that inhabits the White House in their city.  I think the Nationals are best characterized as being off to a disastrous start, and I believe the same could be said of the President.  Let’s hope the President turns it around and does better in his next 100 days.  As for the Nationals, they don’t have much hope for any success this season, and if President Obama continues on the same path of his demagoguery and extreme left ideologies, he won’t have any more success than the Washington Nationals a sad state of affairs indeed for all of us.

Written by KJ Kaufman

April 29, 2009 at 8:16 pm