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An Argument of Logic as to Why Obama is not my President

I want to address the web address (url) of my blog which begins he’s not my president.  I know that many Republicans were offended when many on the left refused to acknowledge President Bush as their President after the questionable count in Florida in 2000 and the overall popular vote for Gore.  Even though my goal on this blog site is to expose Barack Obama’s rhetoric, I thought I’d justify the naming of my blog url.

It should be noted that back in the early ’90s I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy with an emphasis in ethics, and my philosophical thinking tendencies still drive my positions today.  So my best defense of my website url is not that I don’t want Barack Obama to be my President, but that he in fact logically cannot be my President.  Dr. Robert Coambs best describes this position in the following syllogism:

Major Premise:

To be POTUS, the candidate’s eligibility must be publicly known.

Minor Premise:

Obama’s eligibility is not publicly known.

This syllogism responds only to rules of deductive logic and cannot be overturned by any human action.  If the premises are taken to be true, then the conclusion must be true.  There is no law or statute that requires the rules of logic to be proven in a court of law for them to be enforceable.  The laws of logic are compelled by nature, and cannot be challenged by any law of man.

Therefore, the conclusion of this syllogism cannot be questioned by humans of any authority.  No human is empowered to alter,  rewrite, or adjudicate the laws of the universe.


Therefore, Obama is not POTUS.

Read Dr. Coambs Full Argument for his Position

I believe both premises to be true, therefore, the conclusion is true, and as long as both premises remain true on January 20, 2009 when Obama is sworn in, the conclusion will remain true and logically Barack Obama in not my President, nor yours for that matter, nor anyone in the United States’ President.

Again, the purpose of this blog is not to prove whether or not Obama is my President or yours.  The purpose is to expose Obama’s rhetoric.  When he begins speaking again, I’ll be here to analyze his words and provide that analysis here.  I welcome all thoughtful comments on any subject addressed here, but especially those posts regarding his rhetoric.

Written by KJ Kaufman

November 12, 2008 at 11:23 pm