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Ending the D.C. Orchestration

fiddleWith the passage of the CAP and Trade bill in the House of Representatives yesterday, I really have only one simple question for all voters:  how long are you going to continue to allow the two-party system to hijack your Constitutional Republic?  For decades, perhaps more than a century, our Constitutional Republic has been in jeopardy, and quite honestly the two-party system just no longer works.  I know many of you will argue that we cannot abandon the two-party system and the Republican party, but I have had enough.  Washington isn’t made up of Democrats and Republicans.  It’s comprised of political players and two parties that are more concerned with power than the rights of the people.  They orchestrate votes for various bills regardless of the will of the people.  You have no voice in Washington D.C. regardless of your political persuasion, so why do you continue to allow yourself to be played like a fiddle?

Back in September of last year, the American People overwhelmingly opposed The Toxic Asset Relief Program (TARP) also known as the bailout of the banking industry.  Your Republican nomination for President supposedly suspended his campaign and returned to Washington on your behalf to address this important legislation.  Did then Presidential Candidate  John McCain support the will of the people?  Of course not, he argued that the bill had to pass to protect us from a far worse economic crisis.  Unemployment stands today at 9.4% nationwide and will probably reach 10% within a month or two.  So how’s that TARP bill that both sides (Republicans and Democrats) as well as George Bush said had to pass or disaster would strike us all working out for you.  Well, I’ve got news for them, it passed and we are experiencing an economic catastrophe.  Don’t tell me if they didn’t pass it, things would be worse because I’m not buying it.

The stimulus package, which had no provisions in it to immediately stimulate the economy and was simply a payoff to special interest groups was passed last February.  We called our Representatives and Senators, we begged them not to pass the stimulus.  The public knew the stimulus wasn’t going to stimulate the economy.  They passed it anyway with the help of 3 Republican Senators.  How many times America do you have to be slapped in the face before you realize it hurts and you’ve had enough?

And just yesterday, after thousands upon thousands of calls were made to Washington D.C. flooding their phone lines and email boxes, telling them please don’t destroy an economy that is already on life support, and what happens?  Of course, they passed it with 8 Republicans voting yes to the legislation allowing a few Democrats in coal and agricultural states to say no.  Now of course, this bill is not law yet as it must make it through the Senate, and it may not make it through the Senate because the bill is just that bad and will economically destroy this country, but it’s a scary thought that we have only 40 Senators standing between CAP and Trade and utter disaster for all of us.

Gas prices rose above $4.00 last summer.  By this time next year, they will be $4.00 again.  If the CAP and Trade bill passes the Senate, they’ll be $5.00 next summer and on the rise.  We have a wealth of oil, natural gas and coal and the knowledge to produce safe Nuclear plants in this country.  We have the resources to be energy independent in this country.  Why aren’t these resources used?  Power!  It’s that simple.  The power mongers of Washington D.C. in the special interest groups, lobbyists and legislatures (the House of Representatives and Senate) won’t allow this country to become energy independent.  But you keep voting for them.  You keep sending the same folks back to Washington D.C. year after year, election after election.

I for one am done!  I’m not saying I won’t vote for a member of one of the two parties in the future, but I will never throw away my vote again based on party affiliation.  If a Democrat can prove to me they are a Reagan Democrat and believe in and will stand up for the Constitution, he or she will have my vote.  If a Republican doesn’t prove to me they are fiscally conservative and will uphold the Constitution, my vote will be lost to them.  John McCain is one of my two Senators.  He will not have my vote in the 2010 election.  I will campaign diligently against him in the primary for any candidate that can prove to me he or she is truly a conservative.  If John McCain makes it past the Republican primaries in 2010, then I will look at every candidate on the ballot and vote for the one that represents the following:  adherence to the Constitution, a hard stance against illegal immigration, and fiscally conservative principles.  If no candidate exists with that resume, I simply will not vote.  I’m tired of sending people to Washington D.C. who ignore my voice and do not represent me.

Will you join me?  How many Americans have reached their limits and are finally going to say enough is enough?  If you aren’t actively seeking true representation, if you are not actively making your voice heard, then you are part of the problem too, and I have had enough of you.  Please join me in taking back our country for the American People.  Start thinking, start participating,  otherwise, we might as well all just give up and resign ourselves to our fate.

Written by KJ Kaufman

June 27, 2009 at 11:08 am