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Obama in 60 Seconds

After the much anticipated 60 Minutes Barack Obama interview, here is basically all that was said in a 60 second recap:

First Part of Interview with Obama One on One

  • Challenges we are confronting are enormous and multiple
  • He’s working on National Security team
  • He’s working on economic plan
  • Unprecedented crisis since Great Depression (but not comparable to Great Depression), Paulson has worked tirelessly; we’ve assigned a member of our transition team to speak with Paulson daily
  • Bailout is helping because things would be worse without it
  • Need to focus on foreclosures and what is happening to homeowners
  • Automotive industry collapsing would be dire; we must provide assistance but not a blank check and must have a stable auto industry plan.  Under normal circumstances the auto industry could go into bankruptcy but because these are extraordinary circumstances normal measures can’t be taken
  • Even though cost per barrel for oil is way down, we must break our addiction with oil and must have alternative energy
  • We will have to spend money now to stimulate economy and shouldn’t worry about that spending versus the deficit it creates in the first year of the administration
  • Need to transform banking system, not heavy handed regulations but must restore balance
  • Will take early action, will close Guantanamo Bay and will stop torturing captives
  • As soon as he takes office will start plan to draw down troops in Iraq
  • We’ve got to shore up efforts in Afghanistan, must stamp out Al Qaeda including capturing or killing Bin Laden
  • Will announce a cabinet soon, would not commit to whom any of these folks would be but will include at least one Republican
  • Has spent a lot of time reading briefing papers and reading Abraham Lincoln; he finds Lincoln a very wise man; he’s also been reading about FDR and the Depression
  • Will experiment and try things until something works in dealing with economic crisis
  • Free market system must be held to, but in economic crisis government needs to kick start economy; this is not a Republican or Democratic problem; needs to be solved by all
  • Said he wants to create a bond of trust between the Presidency and the people that he believes has been lost

Second Part of Interview with Barack and Michelle

  • Neither of them think being elected has sunk in
  • The emotion over the outcome at Grant Park was great
  • Talked about what it meant to both African Americans and everyone of all races
  • He didn’t believe race played a rolled in the actual votes that people voted for who they thought was qualified and who they wanted
  • Tried to make the next day normal for the kids at school; Malia was embarrassed by kids cheering
  • Got teased for his apartment in Washington DC because it was worse than his staffers’ apartments
  • Michelle spoke highly of Laura Bush; says White House is beatiful and awe inspiring
  • The two year campaign period has made them closer as a family; living in the White House will have them all together
  • One of the great joys of the campaign is seeing the girls adjust and remain themselves; retaining the kids’ normalcy over the next four years is of high importance
  • Not a complaint but the loss of anonymity and small routines of life will be missed; wants to try to stay as normal possible
  • Michelle is serious about motherhood; primary focus first year will be kids, but she will evolve a role of First Lady
  • Kids school choice will be based on the best interest of the girls
  • Won’t get dog until they are settled; so not until next year
  • Michelle’s mother will move into White House if she wants to, and they hope that she’ll come
  • Thinks BCS system doesn’t work and college football should create an 8 team playoff

I have to admit that I really enjoyed this interview.  I think I actually saw both Obama’s in a new light after this interview.  As is the case with this blog, I will be monitoring as to whether some of the rhetoric I saw here in President-elect Obama’s comments on policies will come to fruition.  I will continue to be critical and analytical in how these policies come to pass, but, for tonight, I think we ought to just enjoy what we saw and heard.

Click Here To See the Entire 60 Minutes Inteview

Written by KJ Kaufman

November 17, 2008 at 12:03 am