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Thoreau: "Government is Best Which Governs Least"

The Deceit That Is Barack Obama

obamasocialismDuring the 2008 general election, there were three reasons why I didn’t place my faith nor my vote in now President Barack Obama:  Ideology, Character and Experience.  Wrapped around these three critical factors is the deceit that is Barack Obama.


As a fiscal conservative and a social moderate (not a registered Republican), ideology is important to me especially from an economic perspective, but it is not necessarily the only or most important factor I use in weighing my vote for elected officials.  For example, I wouldn’t vote against a pro-choice candidate just because they were pro-choice, and I wouldn’t cast my vote for Barack Obama for his potentially economic superiority during the campaign to John McCain.

Ideology is an important tool I use to judge a candidate’s attitudes toward government in alignment with mine.  During last year’s Presidential election, I found Barack Obama’s ideology diametrically opposed to my views on the role of government.  As I’ve mentioned in this blog, I am a proponent of Thoreau’s thought that “government is best which governs least,” and in reading about Obama’s voting record in both the State Senate and U.S. Senate, I quickly discovered that Barack Obama had a far left liberal voting record.  I concluded that this was and is a man that believes in big, big government a position we do not share.  Mark one in the check box of just say no to Barack for me.

While others including conservatives were promoting Barack Obama as a centrist, I was dumbfounded that these same people whom are intellectually superior to me could not find the same voting records and come to the same conclusion that this man is no centrist.  They promoted the lie to themselves and those with the audience to others leaving us with the most leftist politician to take up residence in the White House in several decades.

But ideology is only one aspect of politics, and since I didn’t closely share John McCain’s ideology either, there was more to compare and contrast between the two men.


It is difficult for me to find fault in John McCain’s character.  I believe that John McCain is a good man, misguided at times, but a fine man nonetheless.  I never questioned his integrity nor his moral character.  Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of President Obama.  I questioned Obama’s character throughout the election process.  I no longer question his character for I have found that he has none.

When we define character as moral or ethical quality (which is part of the its definition), we find Obama to be completely lacking.  Even for those of you whom are pro-choice on the abortion issue, does it not disturb you that this is a man who did not want to give human status to newborns whom left the womb in a botched abortion and were left to die in a hospital utility closet?  Even the most ardent pro-choice advocates can find something a bit immoral and unethical in the treatment of and characterization thereof a human life.   If you do not believe that President Obama holds such extreme views than you allowed yourself to be deceived regarding President Obama’s clear record on this issue while he was a member of the Illinois State Senate.

But a person doesn’t become morally and ethically bankrupt for no apparent reason.  And the reasons are many as to how Barack Obama came to be the person he is today.  We all know the story of President Obama’s youth quite well.  We know he was born to a Kenyan father and an American mother.  We know his father abandoned him before he was two year’s of age, and we know that his mother later sent him to live with his grandparents at the age of 10 (another form of abandonment).  I am no psychologist, but these traumatic childhood experiences had to have an effect.

We know from President Obama’s book Dreams of My Father that he was subjected to Frank Marshall Davis during his youth in an effort to provide Mr. Obama with an African American influence in his life.  Another deceit that has been perpetrated on the American people is that this relationship was not fully defined for us during the campaign.  Frank Marshall Davis has often been noted as a communist, but he is more accurately describedas a journalist, labor activist, ex-patriat and a leader of the socialist movement in Hawaii.  Frank Marshall Davis was once a community organizer in Chicago, and it seems reasonable to believe that Marshall’s tutelage may have been the driving force in Obama becoming a community organizer as well.  These influences were a profound part of Obama’s world  view as he derived them in childhood under such a mentor and they contribute to his moral bankruptcy to this day.

Besides Frank Marshall Davis, William Ayers has also been linked to President Obama although Obama has not admitted to a serious relationship with William Ayers.  I find this disingenuous on Mr. Obama’s part at best citing Obama’s admission that he held one of his first political fundraisers in William Ayers home and received one of his most significant jobs (other than politically elected positions ) at the Annenburg and Woods Foundations where William Ayers served on the board of directors and hired Barack Obama.  Unlike Frank Marshall Davis, William Ayers is an admitted communist.  There are many YouTube videos available where William Ayers clearly defines his positions in support of communism.

Having lived abroad, not led a traditional American life, and having these types of influences in Barack Obama’s life, it is not surprising that Barack Obama grew up to be a fairly far left political radical in his ideologies.  I do not disparage Mr. Obama his views and can appreciate how he came to them.  The reason I declare Mr. Obama immoral and unethical, basically completely lacking in character, is he went to great lengths to hide the importance of these relationships and continued to thrive and promote these ideologies all the while pretending to be a centrist during the election.

Case in point, Mr. Obama’s attendance and membership at the Trinity United Church of Christ — a black liberation theology church.  Black liberation theology celebrates the African American.  On principle, I agree with many of the tenants of black liberation theology although I don’t believe in the manner in which we achieve the goals.  Black liberation theology today is a segregated religion even though it was born in an era to eradicate segregation.  The primary tenant of this church is social equality, and I don’t begrudge the church the equality they seek.  My problem is the method we take to get there.  Socialism has never in the past provided for a more just society in fact just the opposite has happened.  Segregation pits sects of society against one another and, in my view, does not promote social equality.  President Obama embraced the views of this church. 

Mr. Obama, while claiming to be a post-partisan candidate, is one the most partisan political figures I’ve seen in quite some time.  President Obama in his current day creed of social equality has actually begun to create a class war among the upper class and all of those below them.  What President Obama does not acknowledge is the individual spirit, the spirit of individual giving and that the world is a far more just place when individuals are allowed to pursue their own lives, liberties and happiness without interference by our government. 

My biggest problem with President Obama is that his actions rarely match his soaring rhetoric.  While he berates corporations for their excesses, he has no restraint on his own (i.e. the weekly Wednesday night parties at the White House).  His hypocrisy has shown no bounds.  While he says to the American people there are no earmarks in the $787 billion stimulus package, we know it is full of unnecessary pet projects.  He claims to be acting fiscally responsibly when we know there is nothing fiscally responsible about his current spending and proposed 2010 budget.  Barack Obama loves to say what the American people want to hear while his actions portend the exact opposite of his words.  This hypocrisy, this constant fabrication of his true agenda, the bold face lies he espouses to the American people does not make of a man a moral and ethical character.


Even if you agree with President Obama’s ideologies, and don’t share my analysis of his character, surely during the Presidential campaign some of you must have considered his lack of experience.  Having spent 8 years in the Illinois State Senate and 2 years in the U.S. Senate before he began his Presidential campaign, surely you did not think President Obama came with a wealth of experience to hold the job of the highest public office in our land.

It isn’t surprising that this lack of experience has shown through in his first six weeks in office.  He’s unequivocally held to his political ideologies instead of pursuing a course for the country that will help us get out of the economic crisis that his policies are currently exacerbating.  His foreign policy is dismal to the point of being incredibly dangerous for our country.  He has appointed cabinet members and senior officials that are dangerous to our country on the world stage.  He has disrespected one of our greatest allies in Great Britain and the only reason this is not a bigger issue today is Prime Minister Brown of England shares Obama’s socialistic views.  The Russians know they are dealing with a political child in the White House and will move forward with their own policies that may greatly diminish the once held power of the United States.

The Deceit We are Left With

It is a scary time for America, all because people didn’t take the time to truly evaluate how important ideologies, character and experience are.  It is truly disheartening to watch all of this play out when it was so evident during the last election cycle exactly what was about to happen to our country under this leadership.  I pray those of you whom voted for President Obama will be able to live with yourselves when all of the destruction of his political ideologies are complete.  You did us all a great disservice when you did not vet this candidate properly and simply voted with emotion and succumbed to the propaganda.  I hold those in the Main Stream Media most responsible for our demise under this Administration.

The deceit the Main Stream Media showed in all things Barack Obama is staggering, and it is under their auspice that we are stuck with this frightful Administration.  If you thought the Carter years were bad, you haven’t seen anything yet.  I beg the Main Stream Media to end the deceit post haste in an attempt to mitigate and lessen the damage they have already caused.  They must start reporting the truth about Barack Obama.  They must begin to critically analyze his actions versus his empty rhetoric.  They must help the American people see the truth of this man.  Our country depends on surviving the deceit that is the Barack Obama Presidency.  I only hope for all of our sakes that we will survive.

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