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Is This Responsible Government — A Trick Question?

nancy-pelosiWith the final version of the  “Stimulus Package” being rammed though the House and Senate today, I decided to contact Speaker Pelosi to get an answer to a very simple question:  is this responsible government? 

In speaking to one of her staffers, I explained to him that the Congress had promised to allow members of the House and Senate to review the bill for 48 hours before voting on it.  I also reminded her staffer that President Obama made a campaign promise that all bills that went through the House and Senate would be made available to the American public for 5 days before they were signed.  I then asked the Pelosi staffer, is breaking these promises acting as a responsible government?

He first answered by saying that the bill had been available for review for over a week.  I quickly pointed out to him that what was available a week ago was the original bill that was approximately 670 pages in length.  I reminded him that the re-written bill that came out of the conference between the House and Senate is now over 1440 pages long with hundreds of pages being crossed out and that version was made available last night at 11:00 PM. 

I then asked him, sir, with the Congress about to spend almost a trillion of taxpayers’ hard earned money without allowing the House of Representatives and the Senators as well as the American people to have the ample time we were promised to review the bill, is that, sir, responsible government?  To which he answered, “that’s a trick question.”

At this point, I was beginning to lose my cool.  I explained to him there wasn’t anything tricky about this question.  It’s a straightforward question.  Either the Speaker of the House views ramming a bill through the Congress as either responsible government or not; it’s quite a simple question, with a very simple answer.

He then told me he would forward me to the comment line voice-mail so that I could record my comment.  I reiterated the above in my voice-mail, and don’t expect to hear back from the distinguished Speaker of the House.

So I ask you America, is this responsible government?


Written by KJ Kaufman

February 13, 2009 at 12:05 pm

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