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Thoreau: "Government is Best Which Governs Least"

In Victory, Defeat

socialism-obamaThe Senate just passed a modified Economic Stimulus package now known as the Nelson/Collins re-written package.  The vote breakdown was as follows: 58 Democrats for; 3 Republicans for, 37 Republicans against.  This is a victory for Democrats and Democrats alone.  This is not a bi-partisan victory, nor is it a victory for the American people.  As a result in this victory for Democrats there will later be defeat. 

The problem with Democrats is that they always over-reach.  They simply can’t seem to help themselves.  You give them power and they can’t find a way to be reasonable with their newly found standing.  But in the end, what happens when you abuse power is nature has a way of righting the wrong.  You can call it God’s intervention, karma, the triumph of good over evil, ethics over corruption, but in the end things are always made right.  And when the day of reckoning comes, it will be the Democrats (with their 3 little Republicans) hanging in the breeze, forced out of power once again for refusing to learn the lessons of their predecessors and abusing their new found gifts.

The cycle continues, government abuse runs rampant, corruption reigns supreme, and the American people pay a very heavy price for the ignorance and abuses by its government.  Be careful in your victory Democrats for you have reached too far as you always do and victory will turn to defeat.


Written by KJ Kaufman

February 9, 2009 at 5:02 pm

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