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I have written quite a bit in this blog on William Ayers, his anarchist views, his Marxist views and his views on education.  I have also written about Obama’s ties to Ayers in the educational arena and specifically about them sitting on boards together that gave educational dollars to support Ayers educational objectives.

This story simply won’t go away because of the ties between the two and specifically Ayers’ ideas of radicalized re-education.  William Ayers can try to rehabilitate his image in the present tense, but unfortunately for him, his past is a clear indication of his true views and cannot be obfuscated in a present day narrative no matter what he says.

Now, new information comes to light regarding Ayers’ association with Linda Darling-Hammond.  As American Thinker reports:

Darling-Hammond is a prominent and widely respected, though controversial, Professor of Education at Stanford. She shares with Ayers long time support for what I consider an authoritarian and ideological approach to education that includes advocacy of “social justice” teaching (not to be confused with support for social justice itself, mind you) and so-called “small schools.” 

Ayers and Darling-Hammond share a deeply held view that race is critical to explaining problems in education. [snip] Ayers has also endorsed Darling-Hammond’s call for whites to repay the “education debt” to people of color that has allegedly accumulated for centuries. Darling-Hammond said that repayment of the “education debt” should be the top priority of the next President. She contributed a chapter to a book edited by Ayers called “Education for Democracy.”

According to American Thinker this supports the idea that William Ayers has an influence on Obama’s educational policies:

Ayers’ influence on the incoming Obama administration has quite likely made itself felt for the first time.  The campaign today announced the appointment of Linda Darling-Hammond as co-head of the Presidential transition policy team on Education. 

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No matter your position on William Ayers’ acts during a time when Obama was 8 years old, I have always argued here that the true threat of a William Ayers is his educational philosophies and his power over our youth today.  Unfortunately, in today’s educational system, there are far too many liberal educators that distort history and do not teach our youth a truthful history.  William Ayers being the poster professor for this type of educational system that our youth now endures.  It is time to take back our educational system and teach our youth the truth.

Written by KJ Kaufman

November 20, 2008 at 7:41 pm

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