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Rev. Wright Making a Comeback?

According to the Associated Press:

MILFORD, Conn. – Barack Obama’s former pastor complained yesterday that the media used him as a “weapon of mass destruction” in an attempt to derail Obama’s campaign for the presidency.

Speaking at a forum about race and religion, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright accused the media of taking out of context videos that showed him cursing the government and accusing it of conspiring against blacks from the pulpit of the Chicago church where Obama had worshipped for 20 years.

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So what’s up with Rev. Wright and his first public appearance since Barack Obama’s victorious bid for the Presidency?  I’ll venture a guess that this is a first in several appearances/press releases that will occur over the next week or so all in an effort to place Rev. Wright in an acceptable light and make it possible for him to attend President-elect Barack Obama’s inauguration ceremony on January 20, 2009.  I wouldn’t be surprised to hear Obama release a press statement in the next week or so reiterating that Rev. Wright is like family and he just can’t completely keep him entirely out of his life paving the way for an appearance at the inauguration. 

In fact, I can’t imagine Rev. Wright not being at the inauguration.  Remember, Barack Obama willingly joined this church 20 years ago.  In Obama’s book Dream’s of My Father, he described the church as follows:

It occurred to me that Trinity, with its African themes, its emphasis on black history, continued the role that Reverend Philips had described earlier as a redistributor of values and circulator of ideas. Only now the redistribution didn’t run in just a single direction from the schoolteacher or the physician who saw it as a Christian duty to help the sharecropper or the young man fresh from the South adapt to big-city life. The flow of culture now ran in reverse as well; the former gang-banger, the teenage mother, had their own forms of validation-claims of greater deprivation, and hence authenticity, their presence in the church providing the lawyer or doctor with an education from the streets. By widening its doors to allow all who would enter, a church like Trinity assured its members that their fates remained inseparably bound, that an intelligible “us” still remained. [203]

For further excerpts from the book regarding Rev. Wright follow this link.

Barack Obama wrote many, many things about the church in his book.  In his writings he seems to agree with its teachings and tenants.  How could Barack Obama possibly be inaugurated as the first Black President of the United States of America and not have Rev. Wright there.  It just doesn’t seem possible to me.  In this historic inauguration, his African American pastor must attend.  I personally would be disappointed in Mr. Obama if Rev. Wright wasn’t there as his invited guest.  I think we’ll see rhetoric continue over the next several weeks or months making Rev. Wright’s presence at the inauguration an inevitability.


Written by KJ Kaufman

November 7, 2008 at 5:04 pm

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  1. I don’t care much about Rev Wright, but Obama’s STILL not my president, check out the digg link.


    November 7, 2008 at 9:02 pm

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